This course introduces the fundamental elements of analog and digital communication systems. The focus will be on the mathematical analysis of the signals and basic building blocks of communication systems. Performance of digital communication systems in the presence of noise will be discussed towards the end. The skills and knowledge gained from this class are essential for other advanced communication courses such as, data communications, computer network, digital communication systems, and mobile communication.


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General Information

Handouts and Course Material

Problem Set

  1. HW 1 (Due: July 13)
  2. HW 2 (Due: Aug 1)
  3. HW3 (Due: Aug 8 and Aug 10)
  4. Self-Evaluation (Due: Aug 24)
  5. HW4 (Due: Sep 7)
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    • Q3c.ii was graded.
  6. HW5 (Due: Sep 26)
  7. HW6 (Due: Oct 5)
  8. HW7 (Free) [Updated @ 5:30PM on Oct 10]
  9. Self-Evaluation (Due: Oct 15)


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