The subject of digital communications involves the transmission of information in digital form from a source that generates the information to one or more destinations. This course extends the knowledge gained from ECS332 (Principles of Communications) and ECS315 (Probability and Random Processes). Basic principles that underlie the analysis and design of digital communication systems are covered. This semester, the main focus includes performance analysis (symbol error probability), optimal receivers, and limits (information theoretic quantities). These topics are challenging but the presented material are carefully selected to keep the difficulty level appropriate for undergraduate students.


  • Midterm Results
  • Information regarding the midterm exam [Posted @ 10AM on Mar 6]
    • Check this course website regularly for breaking news about the midterm.
    • Date: March 15, 2019
    • TIME: 9:00-11:00
    • ROOMs: BKD 3506, 3507
    • Information about the midterm exam:
      • 8 pages (including the cover page)
        • To save time, read the cover page posted here before going into the exam room.
      • 12+1 = 13 questions. (6+9+2+6.5+3+2+12+1.5+9+4+3.5+7.5+1 = 67 pt)
      • Cover all the materials that we discussed in class and practice in the HWs.
        • Material Distribution (score-wise): 23.5 (CH2) + 22 (CH3) + 20.5 (CH4)
    • Closed book. Closed notes.
    • (1 pt) One A4 page allowed.
      • Must be hand-written in your own handwriting.
      • No extra pieces of paper notes glued/attached on top of it.
      • Indicate your name and ID on the upper right corner of the sheet (in portrait orientation).
      • Do not modify (,e.g., add/underline/highlight) content on the sheet inside the exam room.
      • Make sure that another side is blank. This will be used for the final exam.
      • Submit your A4 sheet with your exam. (You can get it back from Dr.Prapun after the midterm is graded.)
      • Q: I don't need any formulas. What should I do?
        A: Bring in and submit a blank sheet of paper with your name and ID. Note that you can still only use one side on the final exam.
      • Violating the above instructions will cost you 10 pt.
    • Basic SIIT-approved calculators, e.g,. FX-991MS, are permitted, but borrowing is not allowed.
    • For your studying pleasure....
  • Graded exercises are posted on Google Drive.
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  • We also have a Line group: QR code.
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9AM, Jan 18 [Video]

10:40AM, Jan 18 [Worksheet]

Accompanying Slides [Posted @ 4PM on Jan 17]
HW2 4PM, Feb 14

MATLAB: entropy2.m

Solution [Posted @ 5PM on Feb 19]

HW3 4PM, Feb 22

Solution [Posted @ 12PM on Feb 26]

HW4 4PM, Mar 8


Solution [Posted @ 3:30PM on Mar 8]

HW5 Not Due

MATLAB: capacity_blahut.m

Solution [Posted @ 3:30PM on Mar 8]

Still important for the midterm exam.

Self-Evaluation Form (1) Mar 15  
HW6 4PM, Apr 11 Solution [Posted @ 9PM on Apr 22]
HW7 4PM, Apr 26  


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