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FAQ for Outgoing Students

1. I want to go abroad, which program can I apply to?

1) Summer Training Abroad

(240 hours, during the summer break): 3rd year students with CGPA ≥ 2.50 and TOEFL ≥ 500, are eligible to apply for this program. Please see the link: http://www2.siit.tu.ac.th/crd/?p=565

2)Student Exchange Programs

——-Exchange Track

(going abroad in the 2nd semester of the 4th year, at SIIT partner universities): 3rd year students who meet the requirements are eligible to apply for the Exchange Track. The closing date of application is 30 April. Please see the link: http://www2.siit.tu.ac.th/crd/?page_id=410

——-Other student exchange programs:
Students who have been in SIIT for at least 2 semesters are eligible to apply for other student exchange programs offered by SIIT or Thammasat partner universities. You have to request that your student status be maintained during your absence. You may graduate later than other students in the same batch. (Submit the application to SIIT International Affairs at least 2 weeks before the deadline at the host university.)


2. Can I get a scholarship?

Applicants for Summer Training Abroad and Exchange Track, who have been accepted from the host university, and have GPA ≥3.25, are eligible to apply for a scholarship from SIIT (up to 50,000 Baht per student).

3. How can I choose the courses I want to enroll in? And how can I transfer the credits back to SIIT?

After receiving an acceptance letter from the host university, please consult your advisor and your program secretary about your study plans. Then, you are requested to fill in the Registration Plan form (download: http://www2.siit.tu.ac.th/crd/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/ExecAmin2010_21_App3-1-1_Registration-Plan11.pdf), and propose it to the SIIT Executive Committee for approval before you leave for the host university.

4. How can I apply for a Visa?

Bring your acceptance letter to apply for a Visa to the Embassy by yourself.  If you need extra documents, e.g. certificate of student status, please request them from the Registration Office. For other specific documents, please ask from SIIT International Affairs.

5. Insurance?

We recommend that you buy insurance from Thailand, but some host universities may request that you buy student insurance from the host country. (The host university will inform you when you are accepted to study.)


6. Traveling plans?

Contact the staff of the host university about your dormitory booking and arrival plans. Students who are going to the same university should travel together in the same flight. It is convenient for the host university to arrange a welcome pick up. Please check the weather and please follow the regulations and suggestions from the host university when you are abroad.


7. Emergency case?

Please note that all students must inform the coordinator of SIIT and the host university immediately if you are faced with any serious problems during your study abroad.


8. Do I have do any reporting of my training/exchange program?

In the middle of your study period, SIIT International Affairs will send the evaluation on summer training/student exchange program to you by e-mail. Please fill it in, and send it back to SIIT within two weeks after receiving the e-mail. The evaluation will be reported to the SIIT Executive Committee.


9. How can I get the academic record from the host university?

After you complete the student exchange program, the host university will send your academic record to SIIT International Affairs. Then we will forward it to you.