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Student Exchange Program & Summer Training Abroad

Studying & Training at SIIT’s partner univeristies

  • Students submit the application form and related documents to the Corporate Relations Division (CR.), SIIT.
  • Related documents include 1) a copy of passport 2) Resume 3) a coppy of ENG Proficiency Test 4) Reccomendation letter from academic advisor 5) Certificate of registration 6) Official transcript
  • The approved students have to prepare relevant documents to apply for visas and book the same flight for departure (in case of group).
Application Deadline
  • Summer Training Abroad: January 15 annually (Eligible  for  3rd year student)
  • Student Exchange Program: April 30 annually (Eligible  for  3rd year student)


  • Eligible students should have a C-GPA and an English proficiency test score that meet the requirement: Click here for more details.
  • Students who are recipients of any scholarships and/or loans for financially needy students should not apply for this program since you need about 150,000 baht to support yourselves in order to participate in the program.
  • Applicants must be students with good conduct, no record of conduct score reduction of students’ conduct score.
  • Submit application form with copies of the following documents:



Summer Training (Domestic)

Extended Training


You can also find related Summer Training Info at this google site for Summer Training (Domestic):


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