International Conference Papers

1. Narmluk, M., Saengsoy, W. and Nawa, T. Influence of Curing Temperature on Autogenous Shrinkage and Hydration Reaction of Cement Paste at Very Early Age. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Construction Materials: Performance, Innovations and Structural Implications (ConMat’09), pp. 1199-1204, Nagoya, Japan, August 2009.

2. Saengsoy, W., and Tangtermsirikul, S., Determination of Mix Proportion of Hardened Concrete containing Fly Ash with Different Characteristics, 4th ACF International Conference, Tue-S4.1-05, Taipei, Taiwan, November 2010.

3. Tongaroonsri, S., Hemavibool, S., Saengsoy, W., and Tangtermsirikul, S., Studies on Autogenous Shrinkage in Binary and Ternary Cement Paste containing Fly Ash and Limestone Powder, 4th ACF International Conference, Tue-S4.1-07, Taipei, Taiwan, November 2010.